New fitting for FamilyMart project

New fitting for FamilyMart project

02/10/2017 1 Bình luận

This project of a new fitting out for FamilyMart is based on simple principles : we preserve FamilyMart spirit with a medium range familial identity, but we make it more cosy, pleasant and modern. Considering if customers stay longer in a shop they buy more, we have created a more comfortable and attractive space :

- Use of wood instead of painted metal

- Warmer lighting to replace neons

- Dynamic colors for a more modern environment

- Ultra modern and design cashier area as a main spot in the shop, with specific lighting and colors

- Preservation of a maximum of walking spaces, visibility and sunlight


The new wooden central shelves are composed with 2 different elements, which combine to offer 3 different possibilities and adapt to any future shop. The height between each beam is adjustable with no tools, and those can be replaced by metal bars for hanging products.

Other shelves are oriented at 45 degrees to brake the long alignment of shelves and propose a fluid circulation around. Based on only 2 thin metal pillars and no other vertical element they don't block the view and give an impression of bigger space.


The signage is also totally redesigned to be more modern and attractive. The colors are slightly brighter than original FamilyMart colors, but still very recognizable.

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