Company Information


Happia is an interior design and fitting out company, at the crossroad of western and Vietnamese culture. As part of bigger corporation, T.L.K Holdings, Happia benefits from over 20 years of experience in construction and M&E Design, to define the best technical solutions and bring skilled craftsmen on site.



With the motto “ Create your positive space”, we put our best effort to make our customers’ dream furniture into reality by creating a whole new modern design for Office, Restaurants, Supermarket, Interior design, Shops; as well as sourcing and distributing high-quality products that meets their demand, such as Fridges, air conditioners, showcases, materials with SANYO/ Panasonic/ Daikin/ SANSHU Brand(Japan)/ Berjaya/ etc.


We are convinced that the better designed shop or supermarket, the more sales it could bring and what is good for a better business is good for a better life., SANYO, DAIKIN, PANASONIC


Under the situation that Japanese and foreign companies increase investment in Vietnam, we make efforts day-to-day to make "all customers" happy and to become a corporation needed by "society". All the staffs take the initiative to face our customers with a spirit of "service", and we make utmost efforts to be able to quickly and sensitively respond to any requests from our customers.